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Okinii Coffee is a cute, little cafe on Yan’erdao Road and when you walk in, you are immediately greeted by warm white walls, mood lighting, laidback music and a very home sweet home feeling. This is the perfect spot for study, chilling or just getting that next picture for the ‘Gram. The menu also has extensive options making it the perfect coffee pit stop. On this day, I had a dirty chai and it was not the best coffee I had ever tasted, however the comfortable environment made up for this. The takeaway packaging was also extremely adorable. If you’re into fairy lights, smooth jazz and cozy vibes then Okinii is the place to go.

Okinii coffee

42 Yan’erdao Lu. 燕儿岛路42号

186 6970-8532


The Story of Croissant

You can find The Story of Croissant on Dayao 3rd Road and it is not only a gorgeous, little bakery but also serves the best bread. I am a usual customer, as the staff are accommodating and friendly and the presentation of all the bread is excellent. Walking in, the steps are colorful and there is a beautiful cake display at the front. Sitting in this bakery is also a delightful experience. Once again there are warm and cozy vibes and the seats are cushy making this a great breakfast spot. You can really tell that everything is baked with love at The Story of Croissant.


The story of croissant

1E, Dayao San Lu. 大尧三路1E

136 5639-9922


7 Senses

Located at Pacific Place pedestrian street, 7 Senses immediately stands out. This bakery/cafe/restaurant has a sleek, modern design and welcoming environment. It is not only the location and atmosphere of the cafe that makes it adorable, but also the petite, beautiful desserts on display in the shop window and at the counter. I ordered a Caramel Eclair and, in my opinion, amazing would’ve been an understatement. This place is the whole package and has many features that would be perfect for photo opportunities including pink and blue neon signs.

7 Senses

136 Zhangzhou Lu. 漳州路136号



Pet Cafe

Miss Cat and Mr Dog Pet and Flower Shop (Maoxiaojie Gouxiansheng Pet House)

I did not actually eat at this cafe but thought I would give it a special mention. You can also find Miss Cat and Mr Dog Pet and Flower Shop at Zhangzhou Road, where the pedestrian street is. When you walk into the pet shop and flower shop, a bunch of small, adorable dogs come up to you to say Hi. This was a great experience and I would return once more as the menu looked like it had a lot of options. Cute cafe, cute dogs, cute cats… I think this place is the epitome of cute! What more could you want?

Miss Cat & Mr dog pet shop & flower shop

1F, Block A, Zhonghuan Mansion, 71 Zhangzhou Lu.


186 5327-3332

By: Jewel Owusu

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