22, Pakistan

When I was a kid, my mom used to ask me “When you grow up and have decent money, will you buy me some jewelry? Will you take me to Switzerland and other beautiful countries?” Yes Mom, of course Mom, that’s what I used to say every time! I’m sure she thinks they were just a child’s words, and maybe she’s forgotten about it, but I never told her that I haven’t, and actually my life is dedicated to fulfilling those promises. When times are hard, I always think about those promises and her reaction when it becomes reality. It’s the least she deserves.


22, Russia

We are so rarely saying to our moms how actually we love and appreciate them. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to take care of me, of yourself, of a million other things at the same time, but always stay happy and help me with my problems. Even a thousand kilometers away I can feel the way you love me, and this power protects me and saves me day by day as I grow more into an adults world. Thank you for being my mother. I am blessed by God with you. I hope one day I will become a woman as wonderful and wise as you are. You’re my best friend, you’re my sanity, you’re my love, you’re my sister, you’re my everything. Love and respect your mothers, no matter what, they gave you life and they will always be by your side at the darkest and brightest of times.


21, USA

How much I admire her. She’s done a lot of cool, brave things – moving far from home, having three careers, traveling the world. On top of all of that, she took care of sick family members despite the personal strain while helping me with college applications. I can’t even imagine the patience it took.


31, UK

Three simple words: that I love her! When I was younger I always wrote her little letters telling her, but now I’m grown up I’ve stopped saying it!


34, China

Mother, I owe you so much, and all the while you haven’t got anything from me. I want you to know that I’m a grown man now and I want to have my own life, which might not be what you expect. However, please don’t worry, I can take responsibilities for myself no matter what.

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