It’s not often that the City of Beer gets excited about a new beer place opening, but there’s definitely something different in the air with the opening of Qingdao’s newest bar.
T’9 (young-people shorthand for ‘tonight’, perhaps..?) is Qingdao’s first “beer supermarket”. It just had its debut in the middle of April, and has already struck a chord with bargoers all over the city with its winningly simple setup. T’9 flaunts a fabulously fangbian way of selling drinks: the same way you’d buy them at 7-11. Simply come in, choose your drink from over 100 varieties of imported and craft beers on the shelves, pay at the till then grab a chair and relax. Apart from beers, T’9 also offers classic barbecue and other simple dishes to fuel those late night munchies. Suited to groups looking for downtime, but also a great place to pregame before a big night, T’9 is a fantastic addition to the night scene in the beer capital of China. Situated in prime location on Zhangzhou Road, right next to Loft and Billington’s the bar.




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