Massages, believe it or not, are closely related to Chinese medicine theory. The idea is that they help to get rid of the bad things in your body. There is a term in Chinese— “ 痛则不通” —which means where it hurts, it is blocked. Therefore, massages serve as a means to remove those blockages. If you are in China and haven’t enjoyed a good traditional Chinese massage yet, then you are missing out on some fun. Unfortunately, many massage places look untidy and unprofessional, and it can be really difficult to find a decent place, especially if you’re expecting soft music and fragrant oils… thank goodness you have REDSTAR to spill the beans.
Shu Yuan is a massage place with professional masseuses in a clean and cozy environment. The pure white walls and comfortable furniture make you feel right at home and the complimentary cup of hot tea and bag of nuts help too. Even if the massage might seem a little bit painful at first, I can tell you it is totally worth your while and you will leave Shu Yuan very relaxed.
Address: 19 Yaner Dao Lu. Intersection of Yan’er Dao Lu
and Minjiang Lu. Phone: 176 8588-7101
地址:燕儿岛路19 号( 燕儿岛路和闽江路路口)

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