The Qingdao Oil Painting Institute, located in Huang Pu Jiang Lu in Huangdao district, was founded in 1981 and is the earliest professional oil painting institution in China. Since its establishment, it’s been place for gatherings, exhibitions and conferences for Qingdao and the surrounding area’s artistic community, holding professional exhibitions and organising events such as painting from nature and seminars about arts. Since autumn 2016, it has also hosted weekend painting workshops for art lovers, aiming to provide a dynamic and enjoyable environment for attendees to experience traditional ink painting, calligraphy and oil painting. Most attendees are able to create their own oil painting, expressing their own ideas and visions, after only 3 months.

.Starting April 2017, one Saturday a month the Institute hosts a handicraft class, making collages or clay figures in the studio. On Saturday, 29 April, members of the public can watch two professional artists, one Chinese and one Western, paint a model coming especially from Beijing. There are a limited number of seats so call ahead (187-5328-2338) to reserve a seat. The exhibition hall can be a great place to meet the local community of artists and art lovers.

Address: 28 Huang Pu Jiang Lu, Huangdao 黄岛, 黄浦江路28 号

Tel: 187 5328-2338


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