Christina Cao and Carolina Martins overcome their fear of the legendary bad drinks in China to give you their honest feedback. Tolerance Rating System 0 to 5: the higher the drink scored, the better it tastes.

1. Red “Scream”

What it is: A flavoured energy drink.

Look: Like apple vinegar.

Smell: Scary, spicy, like hard-toswallow medicine.

Taste: Not as bad as it smells. It tastes sweet and rather bland, with a fruity vinegar aftertaste. Tolerance Rating: 2 Comments: Carolina says, “Not good enough to buy myself, but I would take it if someone offered it to me.”

2. Laoshan Oldenlandia Water

What it is: Local sparkling water. Look: Like water.

Smell: Herbs… or feet.

Taste: A hint of salt, followed by a weird herbal, probably Christina Cao and Carolina Martins overcome their fear of the legendary bad drinks in China to give you their honest feedback.

Tolerance Rating  oldenlandia (god knows what that is) flavour, and bubbles. The good news is that it tastes better the more you drink it. Tolerance Rate: 0.5 Comments: Alkaline water is supposed to be good for your health, but if it tastes like this, obviously I’d rather have soda.

3. Oriental Leaves – Jasmine Scented Flavour What it is: A bottle of tea.

Look: Bright coloured fresh tea. Smell: Fresh, like jasmine-scented perfume.

Taste: Like you just ate a flower. Tolerance Rating: 4

Comments: According to the label, this drink contains zero calories, in which case I would drink it again.

4. Wang Lao Ji What it is: Herbal iced tea. Look: Like old tea or dark pee. Smell: Bad herbal tea.

Taste: Tastes like tea mixed with Chinese medicine and ends with a strong sweet taste on your tongue. Tolerance Rating: 3

Comments: Chinese people believe that this drink can reduce your inner-heat and prevent canker sores. Complements spicy hotpot and Sichuan food well.

5. Tsingtao Mango Beer What it is: Mango-flavoured beer.

Look: Like regular beer. Smell: Strong scent of mango with a hint of beer. Taste: Super sweet, this drink tastes more like mango flavoured cider or soda than beer. It has a pleasant flavour and before you’ve noticed it, you’ve finished a bottle. Tolerance Rating: 4

Comments: Specially designed for ladies, I would order this drink in a bar.

6. Laoshan Coke What it is: Qingdao’s very own herbal coke. Look: Like coke.

Smell: Sweeter than regular coke.

Taste: So overly sweet that it feels like your teeth are rotting and your jaw is going to fall off. The sweetness gives way to a flavour of flat coke, with strong ginger and other herbal flavours. Tolerance Rating: 2.5

Comments: It definitely gives you a sugar high. Also, according to our co-worker Tim, “It grows on you.”

7. Black Fungus Revealed What it is: A popular black mushroom drink from Taiwan.

Look: Horrifying!!! It looks black, sticky, and eww….

Smell: Like a gross swimming pool or jellyfish poo. Taste: It has a weird jello texture, although it doesn’t taste as repelling as it smells. It’s hard to swallow without throwing up. Tolerance Rating: 1.5

Comments: If I had to drink this to get healthy, I would rather die now. Sorry Taiwanese friends, I just can’t.

8. Milk Beer What it is: A lovechild of milk and beer, only served in Xinjiang Restaurants.

Look: Like watery milk. Smell: Amazing!!! It smells like milk toffee or White Rabbit candy melting in your mouth.

Taste: The first sip tastes overly sweet. I imagine the flavour is like a Yakut you accidentally left out in the sun. The sweetness is followed by a hint of beer and then an aftertaste of milk toffee. Tolerance Rating: 3.5

Comments: A special beer from Xinjiang, this drink is perfect to wash down spicy kebabs. I personally love it, but maybe the taste is too much for foreigners.

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