Dedicated to all the tea lovers and not here you are three of our favorite teahouses around Qingdao.

Many foreign dignitaries have been hosted at Lao She over the years, as it is China’s most famous teahouse franchise. In this teahouse nothing is left to chance: there are the Pekingopera masks, red lanterns to decor the interior and even ascreen where you can watch video clips of the old days in Beijing. Concerningthe tea we recommend you da wan cha (big bowl of tea) or the very impressive zaoxing cha, which blossoms like a flower when you add hot water. There is a salesarea where you can
purchasetea and tea sets.

海龙路1-1号(1-1Hailong Lu) 8897-9588

Our second pick of the week is Bei Hai. Starting from the Busshistmusic to the man-made brook with the colourful Koi fish and the Chinesepaintings spread on the walls everything contributes to the Zen atmosphere inthis teahouse— the perfect medicine for a wounded soul. The owner is a Buddhistand vegetarian, which has a subtle effect on the environment and qi of Bei Hai.
White tea (bai cha) was their first-ever product. As well as being light andfragrant, white tea can help alleviate inflammation. Bei Hai also serves veganfood on the second floor.
香港中路7号,北海宾馆西侧院内(West of Beihai Hostel, 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu) 8197-7799

Last but not least of of our journey to the teahouses is Wo Tu Chun Shan. This is the right place to take a break and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. We recommend you to try the green tea from theowner’s private tea garden in Laoshan, which is always available throughout April—so stop by this spring! Tip: If you want to enjoy the tranquility of the teahousevisit in the morning or evening.
鄱阳湖路2号(2 Poyang Hu Lu) Tel: 151 9269-6801

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