Located in Shinan district, Chouchi Steak is the place to go if you are missing the taste of a good steak, or serious south-east Asian avours. Meat lovers and BBQ experts will fall in love with this place before even sitting down, Even before sitting down, meat lovers and BBQ experts will fall in love with this place’s unique open-kitchen and the oven, which sits in pride of place in the main corridor. It’s a combination of tradition and technology, burning apple tree wood to maintain the perfect temperature inside and give the meat tenderness and flavour.

There’s really nowhere you can go wrong with the menu; the head chef is an approve member of the “Committee of French Cooking”, and prepares every single dish with care and accuracy. If we had to choose, however, REDSTAR would recommend the steaks which Chouchi specialises in; they are big, perfectly cooked and indescribably good. There are a ton of options, from Angus T-Bone to Tenderloin to Rib Eye. Besides these, the curry dishes and mushroom soup are fantastic too.

Address 地址 : 115 Jiangxi Lu 江西路 115 号 Phone 电话 : 8577-5566

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