Entering Zheng Xian Bang ( 蒸鲜榜蒸汽海鲜) feels just like going into a a lively seafood market, with tanks on either side showcasing their colourful live stock. Choose whatever you like, and the real fun begins: friendly staff help you put your food in a steamer in front of you on the table, where you watch it cook in front of you. Steaming food, especially seafood, is the best way to highlight its freshness and preserve as many nutrients as possible. It also sets the highest standard for the seafood itself, not allowing it to hide under sauces; and the avoidance of said sauces also means your meal will be much less oily than traditional Chinese fare.

Before they put the seafood in the steamer, they add water, rice and seasonings in a compartment beneath it so that when the seafood is ready, a pot of rice mix with the infused flavour of the seafood is also ready to eat alongside. Besides the seafood, Zheng Xian Bang also serve a great selection of other traditional Chinese dishes and BBQ food. This place is popular and can get busy, so book ahead or go at non-peak times to make sure you get a table.

Address 地址: intersection of Minjiang Lu and
Yunxiao Lu 闽江路和云霄路路口
Phone 电话: 8571-7978

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