Body piercings tend to get mixed reviews in China. While body piercing dates back more than 5,000 years and is quite popular in the West, traditional Buddhist and Confucian teachings promote respect for the body and often classify body modification as a form of punishment. However, due to recent celebrity endorsement and rising popularity on Chinese social media, body piercing is emerging as a new trend amongst Chinese youth.

Mr. Yan’s piercing studio is right in the centre of the Taidong district, and can be recognised by the ‘纹身’ sign outside advertising tattoos. Despite the rather daunting entrance up a shadowy flight of stairs, Mr. Yan’s place is clean, comfortable and welcoming. Having worked as a piercing and tattoo artist for over seven years, Mr. Yan has accumulated nearly a decade of training and experience, and has a clear passion for his art.

Despite having no body modifications himself due to parental pressure and fear of addiction if he started, Mr. Yan details common piercing locations with extensive knowledge while forthrightly stating he does not pierce tricky cartilage areas. Although he doesn’t speak English, Yan has had many foreign clients before and welcomes friends from all over the world to his studio. At just 10RMB for one earlobe and up to 300RMB for more unusual spots, Mr Yan’s is the perfect place to get a new piercing.

By Georgia Leach

Address: Room 201, 7 Yangming Lu, Shibei District (near Taidong)

地址:市北区阳明路7 号201 室(靠近台东

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