Lazy Afternoon Picnic Idea! 

You don’t need the most structured plan or the best place to spend unique moments with the people you care about. 

It’s getting warm and slowly things are getting back to normal in Hangzhou. So, why not organise picnic? Every year I want to do one, but the whole idea of planning really doesn’t motivate me. However, last year I made an unexpected picnic that I would like to share with you guys today.  

 Last May, on a warm Saturday, me and six friends wanted to have a brunch outside, but we were so lazy that we didn’t know how to do it in a simple way. We didn’t feel like cooking or ordering 外卖  Wai Mai. Thank god, my friend suggested to stop in the supermarket to buy food. Honestly, at first, I wasn’t sure about the idea, but as soon as we arrived at the Family Mart on campus, I realised it was going to be a success.  

Without too much effort, we made up such an amazing plan in less than 15 minutes. I brought with me a couple of pashminas and others took from their rooms a speaker and sunscreen. About the food, everyone bought what they wanted to eat and at the end we also chose some things to share. Here’s what we got: 

  • 12 x Budweiser: ¥11.5 each 
  • 1 x 1.5L bottle of water: ¥3.8 
  • 4 x bags of Lays crisps¥10.5 each 
  • 4 x Snickers:  ¥11.9 each 
  • 3 x baozi: ¥2.8 each = ¥8.4 
  • 6 x packs of instant noodles: ¥8.5 each 
  • 3 x assorted sandwiches: ¥6.5 each 


Now that we have all we need, where should we go? 

Well, we all know Hangzhou is a green city, so we have a bunch of gardens where we can sit and enjoy a beautiful picnic. I will give you some suggestions, you can just do it at any nice spot you like (and of course, where it is allowed):  

  • Yuquan campus (Zhejiang University): There is a garden behind the library, which is behind the Maozidong sculpture. Yugu Rd, 157号浙江大学玉泉校区 
  • Zijin’gang Campus (Zhejiang University): There are many gardens where you can stay. Zijinghua Rd, 余杭塘路866 
  • The Wetland Botanical Garden: 天目山路518号西溪国家湿地公园 
  • Taiziwan park: 太子湾公园南山路,西湖 
  • Xixi National Wetland Park: 天目山路,西湖 
  • Xianhu Lake: 湘湖  

In the end, we spent just ¥51.7 per person and had a sensational afternoon full of music and laughter. At a certain moment, some of us fell sleep for a while in the grass, others looked at the clouds to find shapes on them. I definitely remember this picnic in a special way. Right now, most of those people are not in China, but when I look back to it, I feel so glad because I had the chance to share this experience with remarkable friends. 


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