If you want to go for the off-the-beaten-track experience, you’ve found the right place. A great place to check out if you want a break from everything you’ve experienced before and are craving an authentic underground feel. This must be one of the smallest clubs in Hangzhou and if you crave expressing yourself through the medium of dance, this is the spot to hit.  

The club focuses on a quality music line-up with a good sound system and lights, hosting seasoned DJs with various alternative kinds of music from Hip-Hop, Funk and Disco to Techno and House with sometimes a little experimental music thrown in for good measure. Besides that, every Wednesday night is movie night! Starting at 21:00, it is great for discovering independent art-house films, as well as watching Oscar-winning movies.  

As modern techno would have never been possible without Japan’s advanced electronic industry, Lightning gives you a glimpse into Japanese alternative culture. You can find unique Japanese snacks and drinks at the bar as well. It is divided between three rooms with a bar space, a dance floor and a tiny Anime-inspired jungle lounge where you can snuggle up on a comfy sofa and a have chat with an old or a new friend while watching staples of Anime shows on a TV. In the event of warm weather, the front bar area transforms into an outdoor seating area. “Yes, our space is quite small, just like those unique Japanese shops. The mainstream clubs in China are usually huge and luxurious. We believe, that the smaller space will let our guest feel more intimate”, says the owner. There’s an artsy vibe, and the atmosphere is relaxed and open-minded as well as fashionable.  


Opening times: 20:00-01:30 (Closed on Tuesdays) 

Address: 176 Jiaogong Rd. 

Tel: 199 6743-9084