Summer in Hangzhou quickly approaching, and it won’t be long before Hangzhou gets a little too hot for comfort. Editor Nick comes to the rescue with his list of the best drinks to keep you cool and refreshed during the months. 

A refreshing drink to cool you down during the hot Hangzhou summer
Kumquat pomelo – the perfect antidote to Hangzhou’s hot summer weather.
  • Kumquat pomelo (金桔柚柚, jīn jú yòu yòu) 
    This drink is a great sour-sweet drink to soothe your heated woes. At my particular drink shop, they added candied pomelo pieces that allowed me to savour the sour of the kumquat while also munching on the sweetness of the pomelo. A great option would be the kumquat lemon drink that most stores offer. Similar to lemonade but with the addition of a little extra sourness. 
Hangzhou’s Lemon juice is just as good as lemonade at keeping you cool and refreshed.
  • Lemon juice (柠檬汁, níng méng zhī) makes for a delicious lemonade substitute. It’s very reminiscent of any kind of home-made lemonade stand you could see while out on a summer walk. In all honesty, I’m a massive fan of any type of lemonade, especially if it’s turning out to be a swelter! 
A refreshing watermelon drink to cool you down during the hot Hangzhou summer.
The hot Hangzhou summer is no match for a cool, tasty Watermelon slush.
  • The third and final drink is a variation of watermelon juice. Here’s the deal: watermelon juice is a great summertime drink. Go out, grab a taxi, head to Hangzhou’s West Lake and while you’re walking around, grab a watermelon juice. It’s refreshing, but I’ve always had an issue with how quickly (especially in 30-plus degree weather) it gets warm. So, I was blessed to find a solution, and it’s one I think you’ll enjoy. Watermelon slush (西瓜冰沙, xī guā bīng shā). It’s just blended ice with watermelon juice, but for those of you who enjoy a slushie in the summertime back home, this is the perfect go-between.  

Honourable mentions:

Lemon tea (black or green) (柠檬红, níng méng hóng chá or 柠檬绿茶, níng méng lǜ chá), similar to tea with lemon from my part of the US (the south!).

Lemon cola (柠檬可乐, níng méng kě lè): ever since putting some lime into my coke, I’ve always enjoyed a little citrus with my soda; however, most places use Pepsi because it’s sweeter – I always prefer Coca-Cola! 

So, get out there, sweat a little (or in my case a lot), and make sure you stop into your local drink shop to grab one of these delightful beverages!  

We hope you liked our pick of the top three drinks to keep you cool through the hot Hangzhou summer. If you’re still feeling the heat, why not check out Hangzhou’s top beaches and outdoor swimming areas, and make sure to follow us on Wechat and Instagram to stay up to date on everything that’s happening in Hangzhou!