Jiang Yu and Ellie Bouttell check out some of Qingdao’s best lunch and brunch spots

As the weather warms, blossoms bloom and everyone starts to relax a little, REDSTAR thought it was high time we honored the tradition of taking your time over a breakfast lunch. Below are some little tips for must-eat lunches in Qingdao.


The Brunch Club

The Brunch Club is the out and out winner here for the quality of the all-day brunch they offer, as well as the environment that you can eat it in. Situated just by Guoxin Stadium’s south gate, the interior is warmly decorated and stocked with a mouthwatering menu, including smoked salmon, pancakes with real, gooey maple syrup (delicious!!), waffles, burgers and salads, as well as Bloody Marys and Mimosas for those in need of some hair of the dog. Most importantly, floor to ceiling windows mean that the entire place is full of sunlight all day long. Mix this with great service, and The Brunch Club cements itself as a Qingdao gem and a great place to chill out.

Address: Inside Guoxin Stadium South Gate


Phone: 8889-5517


PuGan Ocean View Coffee

A more hidden place for a relaxed lunch and coffee is PuGan. Situated high up, with windows that peek over other buildings to the sea, this PuGan is full of homely, stripey chairs, plants, and wooden wall decorations. Their extensive menu includes great salads, baked rice, and pasta dishes as well as soft, well-stuffed sandwiches.

Address: Haiyue Donghai Homes, Unit 2, 9th floor, 41 Donghai East Lu

蒲甘咖啡厅 东海西 路41 号,海悦东海世家2 单元9 楼

Phone: 8572-8285



If you haven’t been to this place, go there right now! Eiffel might be difficult at first to find, on the 23rd floor of the arc-shaped residential Kaiyue Building, but once you walk inside it’s clear why the spot was chosen. Large windows offer breathtaking panoramic views over the city and marina. Food is expertly prepared French fare, featuring beautiful light salads, tender meat, fresh sandwiches, juices, and gorgeous desserts (try the chocolate marble cake!). And of course, the wine is some of the best in the city.

Address: 23F, Tower A, Kaiyue Building, 43 Donghai East Lu, Shinan

埃菲尔还进法国餐厅  市南区东海西路43 号凯越大厦 A 单元23 楼

Phone: 139 6427-2005


Cat & Coffee by the Sea

Living in a coastal city is a blessing for those in search of a scenic lunch. The simply named “Cat & Coffee by the Sea” is part of the recent trend of ‘cat cafes’, where patrons can relax and pet adopted cats while they eat, drink or work. Cat & Coffee’s fragrant glutinous rice comes highly recommended; and if you’re craving something indulgent, their cheese baked rice is also delicious.

Address: 2F, Courtyard 15, Fushan Zhi Lu

山支路15 号院2 层院内( 近小鱼山)

Phone: 0532-82880850


Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao Lunch Buffet

If you’re looking for indulgence, then there’s one thing that beckons with a self-confident hand: a 5-star hotel buffet. Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao’s weekend lunch spread at Café Yum does not disappoint. Start off with salads and fruits, and move on to different cuisines of the world. Qingdao’s seafood specialty is well-represented, but around the corner from freshly caught and cooked crabs, shrimp and clams you can find fresh pasta, dim sum, Korean barbecue (cooked right in front of you), sushi, pizza and all kinds of Chinese dishes. Add in bite size artisanal desserts, a chocolate fountain, and free flow beer, tea, fruit juices and coffee, and this is a brunch not easily forgotten.

Address: Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu

香港中路9 号 青岛香 格里拉大酒店

Phone: 8687-1159



Amongst the exponentially multiplying number of coffee shops and cafes in Qingdao, COFFEE LAND stands out. Situated on the ground floor of Marina City, near the Diner, Coffee Land is warm, quiet, with smiling and attentive staff, soft chairs, and most importantly, fabulous food and drink. REDSTAR was taken aback at the sheer beauty of their yoghurt bowls, which come with fruit arranged like a bird of paradise in the bowl. Every cappuccino comes with a perfectly crafted pattern on top that makes it almost a shame to drink. The standard fresh fruit smoothies, waffles and desserts are all on offer, but we recommend having the smoked salmon flat breads, and a zingy lemon juice on the side. Perfect.

Address: 193, West Section of Marina City Aomen Lu


Phone: 8289-1768


Kiwi Café

Long beloved by those who know where to find it, Kiwi Cafe is a champion of western breakfast-brunches. Photographs line the walls, alongside New Zealand and Australian flags and various knick knacks from all over the world. Sink into one of the cozy, lived-in armchairs to order from their great menu, which includes French toast, eggs Benedict, hash browns, crispy bacon and fruity desserts. Check out the chocolate cheesecake if you have a sweet tooth!

Address: 127 Zhangzhou Er Lu (127 Xianggang Huayuan)

奇异咖啡 漳州二路 127 号

Phone: 8588-9986


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