The name ‘Qingdao’ conjures up images of beautiful coastline and European-style architecture, but what you might not know is that Qingdao is arguably the home of the first cinema in China.

1907 Restaurant and Bar (1907 光影俱乐部) is a restaurant, music venue, and There’s nothing better than a house party for gathering friends together and having a good time without the mayhem and anonmity of a bar or nightclub. But if you host a house party, there’s always the problem of cleaning up, and the danger of things getting broken! Luckily, the corporate world (and REDSTAR) can provide a solution: a perfect venue to hold a killer house party without the stress or mess. Lemon Blue( 柠檬蓝), a fourfloored villa in Huangdao, is born for parties, with everything you can imagine for an unforgettable night. With brightcoloured walls and modern decorations, you might mistake it for an art studio. The first floor is equipped with two computer game rooms and a huge dining multi-roomed “cinema club”, that stands in an enormous converted colonial hall on Zhongshan Road. This is a place where you really feel Qingdao’s history, from the century-old cinema equipment on display to the well-preserved rooms with sweeping high ceilings and mahogany doorways and floorboards. More than a touch of modern luxury has been addded, though, through thoughtful design features: one wing, for example, is covered in vines of different shades of green, creating an artfully romantic dinner setting. 1907 features German and Italian cuisine, with lovingly made sausages, pork, steak, and sandwiches (made using fresh-baked bread from their own bakery). A lot of effort has gone into decor, food, and service standards that leave you wanting for nothing. Sitting at the Back To School themed first floor bar and music stage, you can feel the energy that must have pulsed through the hall when dances were held in the colonial German community almost a century ago. Fittingly, the craft beers here are delicious, with several brewed in-house.

And of course, the main attraction here is the private cinema rooms. Hired by the hour, each room has a different style, to meet the tastes of each and every guest. Enjoy a glass of wine in a twoperson cinema room, or boxes of popcorn in a bigger room for parties; 1907 has everything prepared.

REDSTAR left with our mouths agape. 1907 really has it all, and looks set to become one of Qingdao’s best-loved hangouts.

Address: 17 Hubei Lu. 地址:湖北路17 号


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