In modern times, there’s less and less need to be ‘tough’. Insecurity, discomfort and boredom are all kept at bay with all kinds of technology, and we have everything we want at the click of a button. But what about those situations when technology isn’t enough? Enter martial arts: where you can learn how to hold your own in times of crisis. Elite Fight is a chain of local training schools that offer Free Combat, a pared-down style of Kung Fu. It’s a tense and fierce sport requiring direct confrontation with your opponent, that helps forge a stronger, more ambitious and more focused personality. All trainers here are certified and experienced. Mr Cao, Elite Fight’s founder and himself a dedicated trainer, speaks English too so can help train foreigners. One year’s membership is 3000RMB, and private training is 200RMB/ hour. Address: Ding 6 Dayao San Lu

地址:大尧三路6 号丁 Phone: 135 0639-5555 Mr. Cao

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