There’s nothing better than a house party for gathering friends together and having a good time without the mayhem and anonmity of a bar or nightclub. But if you host a house party, there’s always the problem of cleaning up, and the danger of things getting broken! Luckily, the corporate world (and REDSTAR) can provide a solution: a perfect venue to hold a killer house party without the stress or mess.

Lemon Blue ( 柠檬蓝), a four-floored villa in Huangdao, is born for parties, with everything you can imagine for an unforgettable night. With bright coloured walls and modern decorations, you might mistake it for an art studio. The first floor is equipped with two computer game rooms and a huge dining room which can comfortably accommodate more than 20 people. If you prefer more physically involved games, there is an Xbox to entertain you. And what’s a house party without KTV? With a 60-inch wide screen and professional-quality stereo system, the KTV on the underground is a definitely a must after dinner. Besides that, mah-jong, billiards, football, and indoor basketball are also available to make your stay here a perfect one. To top it off, the third floor has bedrooms that can accommodate 28-35 guests, so you don’t even have to worry about Ubering back late at night.

Address: Room 106, bldg 32, 1 Haixi Dong Shisan Lu, Huangdao 地址:黄岛区海西东十三路1 号 32 栋106 户

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