Check Out These 3 Video Conference Platforms 

Sabrina Valles 

Hosting a video conference or webinar has never been easier due to the variety of applications available.  

“Back to the Future” predicted the usage of video phone calls during its infamous feature-length film, but never imagined the significant role video phone calls would play in today’s world. COVID-19 shifted traditionally offline educational and work in-person activities to online meetings, classes, webinars, and happy hours. Although I imagine many events will resume in-person, I envision video conferences, meetings and webinars to play a larger role when the pandemic is over. If your company or school is planning to host a conference or webinar, we recommend checking out one of these platforms. 


COVID-19 has turned Zoom into a household name globally due to its extensive capabilities to host video conferences and webinars. The free version offers 40-minute capped meetings for up to 100 participants, the ability to share a screen (including content from an iPhone/iPad on a Mac computer, a whiteboard, and a second camera), breakout rooms, group/individual messaging, and virtual backgrounds. If you purchase a plan or an optional add-on plan, meetings can be held for up to 24 hours, streamed from a browser, and special webinar features are offered. Participants also do not have to have a Zoom account to join a meeting. 


Created by Hangzhou’s most well-known company, Alibaba, DingTalk serves more than just a video conference app. Designed to support organisations, DingTalk serves as an internal messaging service, calendar, task management, HR management, a cloud drive, and an online editor for documents. Up to 302 video participants can join a video meeting on the application. File and screen sharing is supported and the host can record and download the video conference. Up to 45,000 participants can be invited to join a live broadcast that can be simulcast to multiple group chats at the same time. Just like the video conference, the live stream can be recorded by the host and shared with others.  

WeChat Work

In addition to supporting users’ daily needs, WeChat Work also provides resources to companies while integrated with WeChat. The app offers HR management tools, file and task management, enterprise email service, company-paid calls management service, red packets, a cloud drive, and an online editor for documents. Meetings can be initiated and booked, and colleagues and customers can watch a live video when invited via QR code. Up to 300 participants can join the video or conference call, and file and screen sharing is supported.